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01/30/13 - We're excited to annouce that Gavin's sitting area at Sandcastles Playground is complete! The plaque was mounted and placed between the benches this week and it looks great! The design and outcome is everyything we expected and more. The sitting area is positioned to overlook the entire playground. The apron was created in the shape of a wedge and the benches angled to give a 'panaromic' view of the playground.

Special thanks to Gerry Lombardo, The Director of Parks and Recreation, and the rest of his crew who did a magnifcant job on the construction. We would also like to extend our appreciation to all of our supporters who without their generosity this would not have been possible.

We will be posting pictures and providing more updates on the Highland Park Playground project, as well as, the other project ideas we have been discussing with the Park and Recreation Department.

09/05/12 - We received a call from the Connecticut state Medical Examiner, Dr. H. Wayne Carver with an update on Gavin’s case. 

Gavin had a cerebral Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM); an abnormal connection of the veins and arteries usually present at birth.  Gavin’s AVM was located in the Brain stem which is an area that impacts cardiac and respiratory functions.  Gavin’s AVM formed a mass which pressed against the nerves that signal the body to breath and the heart to beat. Gavin went to sleep and his body stopped working.  There were no pain and no suffering.

Many families never find a cause of death and while we are thankful to have this information we still ask why.

To our family and friends and all who have reached out to us in some way – thank you.  Your support and patience has meant so much to us.

06/13/12 - We heard back from the Fairfield Parks and Recreation Department and the benches are in! We're waiting on approval for the plaque (which should come tomorrow) and then its construction time.

The Highland Park equipment has been ordered as
well and The Gavin Project will be donating the difference from the funds raised by the Cupcakes for the Community efforts to procure and install the new equipment.

We met with the Director of Library Services in late May regarding the proposed garden and are still exploring different avenues in which The Gavin Project can particapate (stay tuned).

Lastly, the Burr Daisy Troops 30284 and 30209 held thier bake sale in honor of Gavin on May 17th and raised amazing $800! Way to go girls.

Special thanks to everyone for their support and generosity. Last week marked 3 months since Gavin's passing and a second of each day has not passed that we haven't thought about Gavin, how lucky we were to have him in our lives and the amazing amount joy he provided our family

  - The benches have been ordered and we are working with the Director of Parks and Recreation for approval on the plaque which will bear a picture of Gavin embossed in cast iron. We also scheduled an appointment with the Director of Library Services to tour the proposed site at the Fairfield Library Main Branch on the Post Road for the garden.

The Monroe Elementary School organized a successful bake sale in the memory of Gavin and donated the proceeds to The Gavin Project. A special thank you to the students, teachers, parents and Joelle Palmieri for organizing such a great event!

The Giving Account with has been setup under The Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund through Fidelity investments offering supporters of The Gavin Project a means to offer tax-exempt donations and employee matching.

Lastly, the Cupcakes for the Cummunity initaitve started by the local resident of Highland Park (Sarah) has started. The Gavin Project will be making a donation at the end of the T-Ball season in memory of Gavin to help reach her goal of replacing the damaged, missing and vandelized equipment at the park.

- We met with the Director of Parks and Recreation this morning at Sandcastle Playground and solidified a location for the benches. We decided on 2 benches with a rock between them containing a plaque on the western part of the playgroud next to the swings. The location overlooks the entire playground and is flanked by some mature trees - it's perfect.

We also confirmed our participation with the efforts of Sarah R (the local resident who has proposed raising funds by selling cup cakes and water) to replace some missing equipment at Highland Park.

Lastly, we heard back from the Director of Library Services for the Fairifeld Libraries regarding building a garden with a sitting area at the main library in Fairfield center. We should have more information about this exciting oppurtunity in the coming weeks.

04/23/12 – The Girl Scouts Troop 30284 and 30209 (Burr Elementary School) have organized a bake sale in memory of Gavin on May 17th (more details to follow). Additionally, the Charitable Organization at Greenwich Associates, G.I.V.E, has reached out to me regarding how the firm can assist in raising contributions to be donated to The Gavin Project.

A special thanks to the Troops of 30284, 30209 and Greenwich Associates for their support!

04/04/12 - Suzanne and I have been busy reaching out to different folks in the Town of Fairfield regarding The Gavin Project. We have been in contact with the First Selectman Michael Tetreau, the Director of Parks and Recreation Gerald Lombardo, the Director of Public Works Richard White and the Director of Library Services Karen Ronald (special thanks to Heather Dean for her assistance).

The Town of Fairfield Parks and Recreation Deparment has added our motion to donate a bench(s) and/or sitting area in Gavin's memory at the Sand Castle Playground to the April agenda for Board approval. The meeting will take place at 7:00PM on Wednesday, April 25th at the Parks & Recreation Department located at 75 Mill Plain Road in Fairfield, CT 06824.

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