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The Gavin Project was created to honor the memory of Gavin Michael LaBella by bringing the love, laughter and fun that Gavin brought into our lives to the community.
Gavin was born on November 14th, 2010 and passed away unexpectedly on March 9th, 2012 in his sleep.

Gavin was an amazing little boy who earned a special place in the hearts of all who met him. Gavin had an amazing laugh that was more of a cackle; it was that kind of laughter that comes from deep down within and bursts out with energy. Gavin loved the outdoors, music and books, playing on the piano, banging the drum, singing into the karoke machine and moving his body to the beat during the family dance parties.

Gavin had an affinity towards the water, whether going into the pool or playing in the bathtub, you could count on laughter as he splashed his way to happiness. Trains, cars, balls, phones, remotes – especially anything that lit up,  captured his attention and imagination. He enjoyed wrestling, being tipped head over heel and absolutely loved a making a mess. He took a tremendous amount pride in all his accomplishments; his most recent was learning how to walk.

Gavin was extremely curious and fascinated with, well, just about anything you put in front of him. He was methodically like his Dad and quick like his Mom. When he smiled, it went cheek to cheek and then swelled to his eyes. People would often comment that he smiled with his eyes.

Gavin was fortunate enough to share all his life greatest moments and achievements alongside his closet friend, his twin sister Maris.  They shared a bond that warmed your heart and soothed your ears. Suzanne and I would often be treated to the sounds of little voices in the morning communicating with one another from across the cribs. One can only imagine what they were saying however it was music to the ears.

Gavin also shared a special bond with his big sister, Gia. They could constantly be heard laughing together. Gavin’s eyes would light up when she entered the room as would Gia’s heart. Gia absolutely adored Gavin and spoke of him to anyone who would listen. Gavin loved sitting down with Gia while she read books to him, particularly  “Ten Apples on Top”. To quote Gia, “Gavin was the best brother I’ve ever seen. He was a cutie one.”

Gavin was fortunate enough to have gotten to know and love his grandparents – Granny, Pop Pop and Mimi.  Gavin formed special bonds with each of them – worples, watching the ducks, going to playgrounds, going shopping and getting “fatcha bellas” were multiple occurrences when he was in their presence. He was deeply loved by them and rewarded them with his trust, kind smile and eating them out of house and home.

Gavin was surrounded by aunts and uncles who treated him as their own. He loved spending time with them and was comforted by their presence. His easy going personality and tremendous disposition allowed him to foster individual relationships with each of them. He enjoyed their company as much as they enjoyed the smiles he gave in return.

Being the product of parents with 7 siblings, Gavin had a multitude of cousins that he interacted with regularly. Birthday parties and holidays were his own personal romper room which he loved. The freedom to do whatever he wanted, get away with it, and have someone else clean up after him was something he looked forward to.

As parents, there are simply too many moments of pure joy and elation to summarize or capture.  Suzanne and I are extremely blessed for everyone single second of every single day that Gavin was in our lives. He has shown us the true meaning of love and his spirit resonates within us. He had an amazing ability of touching our hearts as well as everyone that surrounded him or met him.


The Gavin Project

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